Warren Buffet’s advice on writing : Be simple, clear and conversational

Warren Buffet wrote a preface to “A Plain English Handbook” published by the SEC some years ago as a helpful guide to companies filing disclosure documents.
He wrote

“One unoriginal but useful tip: Write with a specific person in mind.When writing Berkshire Hathaway’s annual report, I pretend that I am talking to my sisters.I have no trouble picturing them.Though highly intelligent, they are not experts in accounting or finance.They will understand plain English but jargon may puzzle them.My goal is simply to give them the information I would wish them to supply me if our positions were reversed.To succeed, I don’t need to be Shakespeare;
I must,though,have a sincere desire to inform.

No siblings to write to ? Borrow mine.Just begin with “Dear Dorris and Berrie.”‘

-excerpted from “The Corporate Blogging Book” by Debbie Weil


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