Recent Speech Openers

Last Sunday, I spoke on “How to make your message stick’ at the Division E Conference of Toastmasters in Bangalore.

I was introduced by two young girls and they compared me to a Post it note and this is how I responded

“Thank you beautiful and charming ladies for your kind words. Well, if you’d like to know, a beautiful woman is the one I notice and a charming woman is the one who notices me !.
I’ve been compared to many things before but this is the first time I’ve been compared to a Post it note. Much better than the time when I was introduced as a “Rolls Royce of a speaker”.I was highly elated until my son reminded me that a Rolls Royce car has two distinct features- it is inaudible and goes on and on. I hope I am audible and I’d like to assure you I am a devotee of the Elizabeth Taylor school of Public Speaking- like she told her husbands “I won’t keep you long !”

I felt this was well received and set the right note for me to talk about how to make your message stick.

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