Bangalore Dog Show!

Bangalore Pet ( Dog) Show. February 28, 2016.

Jayamahal Palace hotel behind Cantt railway station saw a parade of canine beauties willingly and some grrrringly pose with an endless stream of visitors.

Some interesting info from the event

Pitbulls were very soft natured and harmless animals known as nannies. Later they mixed the breed and eventually they became very aggressive.

Some breeds require to be fed with 3 kgs of beef DAILY !

Many pets were bought.

The only sore point was to see so many caged birds. 

I am fond of clicking birds in their natural domain and not constrained to cages. 

I landed up in the evening just before the show was about to close. Clicked pics of as many beauties as possible.

Afghan Hound
Mudhol Hound
Menacing, to put it mildly!
Hated to click a bird in captivity

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